Welcome to REAL SENSORS, INC. 


California, USA

We manufacture customized permeation tubes, including standard positive and negative dopants and calibration systems out of our world class facilities in California, USA. 

Real Sensors has been in the permeation devices business for more than 15 years and the development team has more than 70 years of collective experience in research and development related to permeation and dopants devices. Whether you are looking for permeation tubes of a certain permeation rate at a specified temperature or a complete system of gas generation, we can help.

While our standard line of products will meet most needs, we understand that your requirements may be unique. Real Sensors can custom design permeation devices for any specific gas type and permeation rate, according to the customer's requirements.  We can design a complete calibration system to meet your needs, including specific sample conditioning, flow and temperature control and dimensional requirements.