Most of the devices are offered with certified accuracy, using gravimetric standards traceable to NIST standards


 Real Sensors manufactures Permeation Devices, Gas Calibrators and OEM custom-designed calibration products. We manufacture these products for use  at Homeland Security applications such as Explosive and Narcotic detection equipment at Airports, Embassies, Prisons and other public institutions.

The Permiation Devices can generate gas concentrations from low parts per billion (PPB) to many hundreds parts per million (PPM) and can be created for numerous gas types. The tubes can be designed to various forms, lengths and outputs to meet customer specifications.

While our standard line of products will meet most needs, we understand that your requirements may be unique. We can design a complete calibration system to meet your needs, including specific sample conditioning, flow and temperature control and dimensional requirements.



  • Designed for use with Homeland Security instruments at Borders, Airports and Shipyards

  • Long life, useful with instruments using Ion Mobility Spectroscopy technology

  • RSI produces OEM Ammonium Carbamate and Dichloromethane (DCM) permeation tubes

  • RSI can produce other permeation tubes to the customer's specifications

Example of the Real Sensors' DCM permeation tube (RX5810)

Example of the Real Sensors' DCM permeation tube (RX5810)

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  • Designed for use at ambient temperatures, without the need for controlling the operating temperature

  • Perform in a wide range of permeation rates (50 to 50,000 ng/min) for most chemicals

  • Created with silicone-based materials as the permeation barriers, thus offering more stability, a longer operating life and a wider range of chemicals.

Ammonia permeation tube for use in the Real-Perm Calibrators

Hydrogen sulfide permeation tube for use in the Real-Perm Calibrators



  • Portable calibrators designed to work with Real-Perm tubes

  • Housed in rugged NEMA 4 enclosures and available in both battery-operated and electric models

  • Provide the carrier gas (air) at a controlled flow rate to generate known PPM levels of the gas mixture